Avalon Recreation Dept Facilities:

Community Hall:

3001 Avalon Avenue
Phone: 609-967-3066
Fax: 609-967-1530
Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri (8AM-8PM) Sat & Sun (8AM-4PM)


Avalon Tennis:

39th Street Tennis Complex: 250 39th Street

Tennis, Basketball, Bocce

Tennis Building 609-967-4168


Courts open daily 8AM-6PM

May 6, 2017- Sept 10, 2017

Rates effective May 6th– September 10th 2017

Same day or next day walk in reservations start at 7AM for Avalon Taxpayers. Reservations will be held for 5 minutes past scheduled time


Per Court Paid Prior to Play

$24.00 per 90 minutes

$16.00 per 60 minutes

Season Permit: Can only be purchased at 39th Street

Adult: $220.00 non-transferrable

Guest Fee:

$6.00 per person for doubles

$12.00 per person for singles

Earl Holsten Weekend Round Robins:

Round-robbins are scheduled Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 11AM-1PM and have priority over court reservations.

Players must register by Wednesday

8th Street Tennis Complex:

Tennis, Basketball, Pavillion

Tennis Building- 609-967-2621


Courts open daily 8AM-3PM

May 20, 2017- September 4, 2017



Avalon’s Kayak Park is located bayside at 57th Street and Ocean Drive. Kayaks may be launched any time of year by the public. Kayak storage on our seasonal racks is reserved for Avalon residents and property owners via a registration program that occurs during the first quarter of each year. If berths become available, they will be offered to the general public. No storage of kayaks, small boats, or any other objects is available on the grounds of the kayak park.



Avalon’s Bay Park Marina is located bayside on Ocean Drive between 53rd Street and 57th Street. The seasonal dock slips at the Avalon Bay Park Marina are issued to motorized boats only. A season-permit fee is established annually and is good from May 1 through December 1. The permitting is administered through the Avalon Borough Clerk and is subject to various rules; please call the Borough Clerk at 609-967-2990 for additional information. No kayaks, canoes, sail craft, or personal watercraft can apply for seasonal dock slips. A boat launch ramp is also available at the Avalon Bay Park Marina. Daily and seasonal permits are available to the public. The boat launch ramp is open from the first Saturday in May, through and including the first Sunday after Labor Day weekend. The ramp is available daily Mon-Fri from 7am-3pm, Sat & Sun 7am-5pm.