Outdoor pickleball courts are located at 8th Street Complex

All Pickleball courts will be open starting Monday June 15 along with pay for play.  You must bring your own paddle and pickleballs.  The Recreation Department will NOT give out paddles or Pickleballs.  Levels of play and schedules are listed below. 



$3.00 drop in rate 8am-1pm and 4pm-8:15pm

Avalon Tax-Payer Season Pass            $50.00

Non Tax-Payer Season Pass                $75.00

Courts are free from 1pm-4pm

Rates effective June 15Sept 12, 2020


Hours of Play:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

8AM-10AM (Advanced and Intermediate), 10AM-12PM (Beginner and Family Time)


8AM-10AM (Intermediate and Beginner), 10AM-12PM (Advanced and Family Time)


8AM-10AM (Advanced and Beginner), 10AM-12PM (Intermediate and Family Time)


4PM-8PM (Open Play All Levels) Courts will be designated by Recreation Attendant on Duty

There is no reserving courts for lessons or private groups.  Courts open daily 8AM-8PM (Monday-Sunday).  If you play between 8AM-10AM you must be a part of the court rotations with in your appropriate level.  


pickel ball courts